Advantages and development potential of Tron

1. Advantages

High transaction processing speed
According to Tron’s consensus mechanism, users can select a number of high-performance nodes to confirm transactions, reaching high speeds by keeping the number of transactions processed in 1 second (TPS) at an acceptable level. . This mechanism helps Tron’s TPS surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum.

High TPS guarantees a low processing latency, allowing Tron’s transaction speed to compete directly with traditional payment systems such as VISA, SWIFT. Paying with TRX coin is more convenient.

Ability of extension
Applications can be developed in many ways on Tron, based on scalability and smart contracts. Thanks to a smart contract with limitless customization capabilities, Tron offers great scalability, allowing many applications to be deployed.

Use of excellent data structure and account system helps simplify application development, achieving optimal TPS. Apps and websites can easily migrate to the Tron network and benefit from the huge TRON user system.

High availability
The network structure and user assets stored on TRON will be more reliable thanks to the high level of decentralization. TRX’s consensus mechanism consumes less energy than Proof Of Work

Low cost
The cost of computing in the Tron network is low, helping applications to expand users and increase competitiveness.

User friendly
Developed based on detailed research to meet user needs

2. Potential of Tron

Right from building TRON, developers always adhere to the following TRON core values:
Users will have ownership of the basic data, and the internet should be decentralized. This was proposed by Dr. Tim Berners-Lee at the time the internet was born and the original purpose when creating the internet.
Contributors and the TRON ecosystem will benefit from the prescribed rate. A value network has a greater advantage that can leverage digital anything in social networks and media.
All forms of contribution must be of equal quantitative value. Regarding the participant’s investment time, excellent content and interest is the same measured value of capital provided.
The basic objective of TRON is to provide services to the public. An ecosystem run by a non-profit organization, TRON is designed to cater to entertainment content lovers around the world and not for profit. All TRON members will benefit from its prosperity.