China announced its new Blockchain Ranking with Tron in 2nd place.

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has unveiled its 18th cryptocurrency ranking. This index ranks 37 globally famous cryptocurrencies.

According to the latest rankings published by local media Chainnews, Tron ranked No.2

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EOS remain in the lead 

EOS continues to firmly hold its first place with 156.1 points followed by Tron and Ethereum (138.4 points and 136.4 points, respectively).

The overall score that is given to the coins featured on the list includes such factors as basic tech, applicability, and creativity.

The leading cryptocurrency gained 20.4 points in terms of applicability and 24.7 in terms of creativity, while the second place had 28.4 and 15.5 points respectively.

Tron is highly ranked despite its tense relationship with the Chinese government

Tron’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, warned that the Chinese authorities have raised doubts about the platform’s legal status. This has led to a tense Sun relationship with Chinese authorities in recent days.

In 2019, an incident involving Tron when Chinese police surrounded the project’s office in Beijing. At the time, several news sites claimed that Tron’s office was raided by the police, but Sun said that this was fake news.