TRON cooperates with Samsung, opening up the mobile era on Blockchain

Presenting at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) held in San Jose (California), TRON CEO Justin Sun gave a speech about his new partner. In addition, he shared more about how 5G technology will impact the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

“This partnership will help integrate TRON into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore,” Sun explained. This will give users direct access to the blockchain on their mobile devices and allow developers to build applications on the TRON network.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a platform that allows users to consolidate and manage their personal information and digital keys. The latest version of this platform software development kit (SDK) is 1.2.0, which has a TRX trading support API.

TRON partnership with Samsung

According to a TRON Foundation blog post, Sun called the partnership “a remarkable TRON milestone” and expressed his pleasure in working with Samsung.

“We are fully aligned and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy in developing blockchain technology” Sun said.

The 29-year-old CEO also emphasized that building relationships with Samsung will bring many opportunities for developers.

“TRON is the only blockchain that Samsung supports for decentralized applications because we give very good scalability, and instant transactions with all DApps in the TRON ecosystem”

“So we believe there will be a lot of DApps developed on the Samsung ecosystem” Sun added.

Justin Sun also added that the Samsung Blockchain Keystore is not only worth storing, it will give some developers the opportunity to build DApps, games and interact with users.

“I think in the future there will be hundreds of millions of people using blockchain technology and not being as volatile as today,” Sun noted.

5G and blockchain

The CEO of TRON and BitTorrent also said that the speed of 5G enables better communication on the blockchain. Speaking about the newly developed 5G decentralized storage system and BitTorrent-TRON, called BitTorrent File System (BTFS), Sun said:

“5G software is definitely very promising not only for games and other applications but also for blockchain. For a very simple reason it provides very good speed for blockchains to communicate with each other”

Decentralized file storage system makes file recovery easier for when of theft. Besides, one can share file storage with the added benefit of making money electronically.