A Chance to increase 5,000TRX to 680%

  • Matrix Bonus is a program of TCapital for all investors. There is no fee to join in this program. However, at the first time of staking, we will deduct an amount of 7,500 TRX for activation fee.
  • The Matrix also base on the network under referral link as Referral Commission. However, this program is based on the mode of matrix 3 x 3.
  • Every activated account under your link, you can get a 20% commission. The total bonus will be paid after your 3 x 3 network is filled of all position.
  • Totally, from first 7,500 TRX activation fee, you can earn 680%. An amount of 7,500 TRX is get back from this bonus, for the next turn of Game.